Tetria Global Logistics Services: A Novapath Company

Offering high-quality, data-driven services for your most complex supply chain needs.

Customized Solutions with Superior Technology:

Eliminate network operating and capital cost through our managed transportation solutions powered by our best-in-class services technology.


Enjoy immediate benefits and make sound financial and operational decisions from customized, high-end data management, and analytics solutions

Extensive Experience:

Partner with a senior team of logistics operating and engineering experts who have designed, managed, and operated every aspect of supply chain networks from sourcing to settlement

At Tetria Global Logistics Services, every shipment represents a promise you are fulfilling to your customer—especially in these changing times.

Just as your products are the heart of your business, helping you get them into the hands of your consumer is ours. Our end-to-end logistics services are formulated from decades of expertise in domestic and international distribution supported by robust data science, and a keen understanding of the complexities and challenges you face.

With trusted partners around the globe, a dedicated, knowledgeable staff, and a data-driven approach, we make it our mission to deliver the highest-quality service to meet your supply chain demands, for an on-time, on-budget, and safe delivery of every shipment.

We acknowledge the additional impact by the Covid-19 pandemic and are equipped to help you formulate an appropriate response to these challenges.

Our Services

Data Science and Analytics Services
Data Science and Analytics Services

Our Services

Data Science and Analytics Services
Data Science and Analytics Services

By trusting us with your transportation management, you gain access to our broad and deep industry expertise. This, in turn, allows you to focus on your critical business tasks while maintaining maximum visibility, control, and tracking of your supply chain network.

Why choose Tetria Global Logistics Services

We deliver personalized multi-modal managed transportation services and capacity solutions, differentiated by our design and quality of our integrated technology platform.

We use powerful data analytics to identify, assess, express, and mitigate risk in our design cycles.
We have built our company and having the brightest and most experienced supply chain team in the market – hands down – focused on planning, flawless execution, and communication.


Tetria employs a data-driven approach to engineering solutions your supply chain challenges.

We use the insight we gain through order and shipment-specific trend analysis and benchmarking to create customized solutions that save you time and resources while minimizing the prevalent risks in many of today’s supply chain distribution models.

What does that mean to you?

  • Proactive evaluation of your network in order to resolve current challenges
  • Identification of risk and mitigation strategies
  • Technology-driven solutions to remove waste and cost
  • More money to reinvest back into your business
  • Creating new value through process re-engineering
  • Nimble response to an increasingly changing landscape

Tetria is committed to your success. Our own success reflects positively on your bottom line.

Tetria is staffed with tenured expertise across many industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals and Plastics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government and Education
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Transport and Warehouse

In these challenging times, Tetria Global Logistics Services delivers more than the legacy offerings of full visibility and tracking—we will rapidly respond to your changing requirements and with a responsiveness and agility that sets us apart from other companies.